Do Solar Lights Work Even on Cloudy Days?

16 Aug 2022
Do Solar Lights Work Even on Cloudy Days?


The trend of choosing solar lights these days is the most commonly observed choice. Various benefits are enjoyed by users when they opt for solar powered LED street lights or solar panels.

Well, as you know, solar lights work with the help of sunlight, but one question that usually bothers people is whether a solar light will work even when it's a cloudy day. To understand this aspect, let's walk through this article below, and you will get an answer to all your questions.


How do solar lights work?


Solar lights have different components, including batteries and solar panels. To light up, a solar light will get ultraviolet rays through the battery, creating voltage, causing the solar energy to convert into electricity.

The solar light has a battery that works with a controller, this controller tends to store the solar energy in the batteries, and this energy is used when needed. Usually, when the light intensity is low, the controller will transmit the electrical power stored in the battery.

This entire mechanism works under a pre-set program, and power is supplied to the solar lights. This is because solar lights are designed in such a way to meet these requirements.


The working principle of solar lights

The working principle of solar lights


Do solar lights work in cloudy weather?


Yes, solar lights work in cloudy weather, and the mechanism of such lights is designed so that they may work in the absence of sunlight too. Although compared to a sunny day, its charging capacity will reduce to about 25 percent, and it will still charge.




The components present in solar light are sensitive to light density. So, when they are receiving sufficient light density, the process of charging the batteries continues for the solar lights.




On a cloudy day, due to the cloud cover, the diffusion process of sunlight continues by the clouds. However, the earth is still receiving solar irradiance that helps solar lights to charge.




Although it is a cloudy day, the solar lights keep charging. As far as the charging efficiency of solar lights is concerned, it could reduce to half of what it is on a sunny day, but it doesn't end.

Moreover, the impact of temperature on charging efficiency is also very high. Due to the high temperature, the charging efficiency is lower on a sunny day. Whereas, when it's a cloudy day, the temperature is moderate, so solar lights' charge efficiency increases.


Do solar lights need direct sunlight?


There is no need for solar lights to receive illumination from the sun directly. The solar lights have a controller that controls these lights in terms of receiving sunlight and ensuring to convert it into electrical energy.

This controller has many functions and ensures that the solar lights are neither overcharged nor undercharged, as these could be damaging.

The controller also absorbs the energy from the sunlight and converts it into electricity, which is held by the batteries. Hence, on rainy days, the solar lights keep on working.


wholesale solar street lights

wholesale solar street lights


On the other hand, this controller has many different functions, and it controls the light with respect to time, temperature, lighting, and polarity.

The entire system of solar lights comprises numerous components, including batteries, solar panels, LED sources, wires, poles for streetlights, and controllers for street lights.


Do solar lights charge at night?


During the day, direct sunlight generates a significant charge for solar light. However, in the absence of the sun, the solar lights won't change how they tend when they absorb sunlight.

However, they will charge if these solar lights are placed under a bulb or an LED light. If a solar light has taken the sunlight for 6 hours a day, it would be sufficient to produce output in the form of light for 8 hours at night.



Do solar street lights work properly in the rain?


Solar powered street lights are designed with a mechanism that usually helps them work even on a rainy day. They are waterproof and have a power storage mechanism. When they are designed, rainy days are considered to ensure their working.

However, if it continues raining for many days, the way they are manufactured in terms of technology plays a role in identifying their lighting.


Can solar powered LED street lights be charged in the rain?


Yes! Solar street lights can be charged on rainy days. However, the power of charging these lights might be weak, but they do charge. A battery is given with the solar street lights that automatically charge as soon as they get even a little amount of sunlight.


Can solar street lights light up every night for a year?


It is eminent that the solar power street lights might not be as bright on a rainy day as on a sunny day. When it keeps on raining continuously for many days, the LED light will get dim.

Although there is a battery backup for a few days for a more significant period of days, the charge might not be sufficient to light the street lights bright throughout the night.


benefits of solar street lights

Benefits of solar street lights


Solar lights are helpful and easy to manage - there is a solution for them to be used even when it's raining or there is a cloud cover in the surroundings. However, the efficiency of these lights is related to the components they have been manufactured with.




Choosing the best quality solar light could help operate more perfectly, irrespective of what happens to the weather or anything else. Keeping your solar light clean and charged through alternative sources without sunlight is always a choice.

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