Tips For The Installation of Solar Street Lights

02 Aug 2022
Tips For The Installation of Solar Street Lights


Thinking about installing solar power street lights on a street, park, or around your house? It's a great idea, no doubt. However, you may be confused about the details regarding the installation, including what type of mounting to use, the height and installation distance of the solar light, and factors that affect the installation height and distance.


Would you like to know exactly how high and far to install solar power street lights? In this article, we aim to provide our readers with valuable information to help them out. So are you ready? Let's dive deeper and understand the things!


Places To Install Solar Street Lights


Modern outdoor solar lights are gaining popularity because of their ease of use, no fear of electric shock, and energy-saving benefits. Initially, solar lights were intended for commercial requirements; however, the solar light suppliers now provide products for home and small-scale usage. The most common places where these solar lights are used include:       


  • Parking

Car parking is an outdoor place in most homes or outside shopping malls where continuous light is required, costing a lot of electricity bills. Solar light is the appropriate solution for such sites. 


how to make solar street light project

How to make solar street light project


  • Backyard

A backyard in your house is impressive, but what about its power needs? Solar lights are a good solution because they will provide light even in bad weather or rain. 


  • Park

Solar street lights are a good option for public parks because they do not need regular maintenance. Sometimes solar lights are most cost-effective in public places.  


  • Highway

Installing regular lights on a highway is time-consuming and creates a mess with many wires. Solar street lights can help mess-free lights on the highway to provide enough light at night.



The Installation Methods of Solar Street Lights


Solar street lights are used on streets, highways, and roads. Every place needs a different mounting type to install a solar power street light. Two mounting types are used depending on the locations. 

Multiple Installation Methods of Solar Street Lights

Multiple Installation Methods of YT10 Solar Street Lights


Wall Mounted

It includes a small pole attached directly to the park, house, or parking lot wall to hold the light instead of increasing the height. Solar street lights installed are also used on your storefront of dwellings. Wall-mounted poles are much easier to install without much effort and time. It would help if you had a ladder, solar light china, and a few tools to attach the pole to the wall.


Pole Mounted

A pole-mounted solar power street light needs a long pole on which the light is attached. The only support of the light in this type is a pole, and no wall is present. There are two further types of pole-mounted solar lights.


  • I Mounted

They are straight poles in an 'I' shape with a light at the end. I mounted poles are suitable for use in parks, houses, and streets. They take less space and are ideal for places where wall-mounted street light installation is complicated. Commonly an all-in-one solar light with a built-in solar panel to capture sunlight is installed using an I-mounted type. It is suitable to install one solar street light.


  • Y Mounted

Y mounted poles are suitable for highways where a single pole needs two solar lights on both sides of the road. They are budget-friendly and add fewer poles to the highway giving more space to traffic. Some solar lights have an attached solar panel known as separate solar lights. They use the Y-mounted type to be installed.


Factors Affect The Height and Distance of Solar Street Light


The success of installing solar power street lights is highly dependent on the height and distance. To ensure that a solar street light can capture more sunlight and stay lit all night, you must be very careful when installing it. There is also a particular distance that needs to be maintained during solar street light projects between multiple solar lights to prevent overlapping of light in case the distance is too short or to leave dark spots in case the distance is too large.


Different factors are involved in determining the installation height and length of the solar street light. The installation height is determined by the luminous intensity, placement of poles, wind pressure, purpose, and type of lighting. When selecting the height and distance of the solar lights purchased from China solar lamp suppliers, you need to pay attention to these factors. Here are the main factors to consider that affect the installation. 


  • Type of Lighting

Different type of lighting methods is used for the installation of solar lights. These include: single-sided lighting, cross lighting, and symmetric lighting on both sides of the road


Depending on the situation and need, these are used for different types of roads. Like single-sided lighting is used for yards, parks, or gardens. Roads with only 7m of width can also use the same lighting method. For a road with a width of 15m, it is better to use a cross-lighting method to minimize the cost and maximize the light. Roads wider than 15m, can use symmetrical lighting on both sides of the road.


  •  Luminous Intensity

The installation height and distance of solar light are greatly affected by the LED light source power and illuminance. Consider two lights at the same height and irradiation range; still, the illuminance can be different, determining the efficiency. Illuminance is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. The farther away from the ground, the greater the area illuminated by the light source, and the lower the illumination of the same area.


Illuminance = Light intensity/distance (㎡)


Luminous intensity distribution curveLX-Distance Disagram

Reference Data of YT08 All In One Solar Street Light


  •  Placement of Poles

The location where the street light is being used affects the height and distance of the solar street light. Places such as highways, bridges, and medians need more power and high poles for solar lights to spread the light evenly. Another purpose is to leave the space for high roof traffic and avoid accidents. Solar lights installed in parks, backyards, parking, and other small places do not need very high poles and more installation spacing. 


  • Wind pressure

Wind pressure must be considered, especially when deciding on the solar lights' height, because areas with high wind pressure are not suitable for high installed solar street lights; wind pressure may affect the solar street light pole and make it fall, which can cause accidents.


It is essential to determine a place's wind pressure before installing a solar light. Some areas have occasional high wind pressure; you can install tall solar street light poles in these areas but with precautions. Use a strong material for the pole and determine a strong base.


  • Purpose

The purpose of installing solar street lights also affects the height and distance. If the lights are installed in a place where bright light is not required. Instead, a dim light will work. You can install high poles in the area even if the power of solar lights is less if a dim light will be enough to fulfill the purpose.


An example of such sites is a highway or a road where a slightly dim light will also work because the purpose is only to provide light for the people to see the way. However, the places where a bright light is required must not have more installation spacing between the solar lights and should have a short pole height. 


When the purpose of the solar street light is to enhance the beauty of a place and display the nearby objects, like in a park, then the height and distance of the solar lights should be less to maximize the brightness and fulfill the purpose.


Recommended Installation Heights for different scenarios


Recommended installation height can vary in different scenarios. Generally, the height of a pole starts at 5 meters and continues to increase depending on the scenario. Here are a few modern outdoor solar lights with different height estimates for outdoor scenes. The height of the solar light affects the illumination range of the light - a high pole has a wide and dim illumination. 


1: Yard or Garage

Yards and garages are usually small places and require light on a small area, so it's a good idea to install wall-mounted solar lights with a height of 3-4 meters. Ideally, wall-mounted street lights are better for home-based usage as there is not enough space for a pole-mounted light.


China solar led street light

China Solar LED Street Light


2: Parks and Scenic Spots

Parks and scenic spots need a high light brightness, so it is recommended to have a lesser height of the solar street lights. The installation height and distance of solar street light is 7m in such situations. A single-sided interactive lighting device can ensure enough light with 7m height and 22-25m installation distance. Parking and backyards can have the same height because they also need more lighting. 


solar street light 200w

solar street light 200w



Different roads have different widths, affecting the solar lights' height. A Road with a width of 15 m should have a 12 m long light pole. At places where an 8-meter high solar street light pole is installed, the installation distance between two poles must not be less than 25-30 meters.


Roads that are narrow with a 7m width should use a 7m height for the poll as it would be appropriate to provide enough light on the road. Roads 12 meters wide can use the longitudinal installation spacing of lights with a 30-50m installation spacing.


The installation height and distance of solar street lights for highways is a complicated process and needs to consider many factors. If you are interested to know more, wait a bit and we will put another article for you on our site.


Wrapping Up

Solar street lights offer many benefits: save the electricity bill, no power cut-off, and no regular maintenance. However, getting all of these benefits is not easy. You should purchase the best solar street lights from the best solar light manufacturer - Yuefeng is an industry-leading solar light company specializing in manufacturing the products that benefit the users most.


The best thing about Yuefeng China solar street light suppliers? They provide products with affordable rates to help home users purchase them quickly and save money. So what are you waiting for? Make a purchase today and light up your surrounding with LED solar street lamps.

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