Top 10 Solar Garden Light Manufacturers In China

07 Sep 2022
Top 10 Solar Garden Light Manufacturers In China


Garden lights are in high demand as global gardening trends have evolved over time. People tend to install garden lights to illuminate their gardens with an enhanced outlook.

However, the garden lighting trend has shifted to solar lights amid the ongoing energy crisis and higher power costs in China. This has favored the use of renewable energy sources in the garden lighting niche.

With the increasing popularity of garden lights, more and more solar light manufacturers are joining the Chinese lighting industry. This has resulted in higher competition and thus higher quality of light products just like a solar street light.


Solar Garden Lights


solar garden lights wholesale

solar garden lights wholesale


Solar garden lights are advanced lighting products designed to illuminate gardens by harnessing solar energy. They add to the overall outlook and decor of your gardens with their diverse designs and elegant lighting experience.

With the evolving trends, solar garden lights have evolved manifolds too. Lights of multiple designs including wall lights, sensor lights, flood lights, embedded lamps, pole lights, and many others are available in the markets today.


How Do Solar Garden Lights Work?


Solar garden lights use specialized solar panels to generate power by harnessing solar energy. The electricity thus produced powers the light. The built-in inverter converts the alternating current into a direct current which illuminates the light.

Solar lights come with battery backup which stores the energy for later usage. The battery powers the light during cloudy days and nights when the sun is not there. This mechanism works the same for solar garden lights as well as solar LED street lights.


Benefits Of Solar Garden Lights


Modern solar garden lights come with loads of benefits from multiple perspectives. They tend to be a great alternative to conventional garden lights for the following reasons.


  • 1. Easy to Install: Solar garden lights are quite easy to install. They don't require complicated wiring and connections with the grid electricity.
  • 2. Environment Friendly: The solar garden lights being reliant on renewable energy sources prove to be environment friendly.
  • 3. Durability: Solar garden lights are highly durable and require the least maintenance. Especially solar LED lights last sufficiently longer than conventional ones.
  • 4. Cost Effectiveness: Solar lights tend to be cost-effective as they help you significantly cut your electricity bills by relying on a solar power system.


Modern solar garden lights

Modern solar garden lights 


Top 10 Solar Garden Light Manufacturers in China


The number of solar garden light manufacturers in China is rapidly increasing day by day. This refers to the surge in demand for solar yard lights among the public.

Today, people in China are more inclined toward gardening to contribute to the nationwide green economy. This has resulted in the harnessing of loads of benefits associated with plantation and gardening.

Considering this high demand for solar garden lights in China, the Chinese lighting industry has witnessed the introduction of plenty of manufacturers. Such competition has resulted in the availability of high diversity of solar garden lights with promising features.

Amid such a wide variety available, it gets quite difficult to find out the best manufacturers in the market. Here we will review the top 10 manufacturers of solar lights in China. This would let you opt for the best manufacturers in China to purchase the right yard lighting product for you.


1. HeiSolar


HeiSolar is China's leading manufacturer of solar lawn and garden lights, providing solar solutions for your garden illumination needs. HeiSolar aims at providing solar lights that brighten your gardens and yards as well as improve your home security too.


HeiSolar holds a combined experience of more than 10 years in the solar lighting industry. This accounts for revenue growth of around 1128% in 5 years.

HeiSolar offers 6 Watt, 9 Watt, and 12 Watt solar moonlight. It also offers 10 Watt and 15 Watt solar eye yard lights. These standalone solar products are easy to install requiring no connection with grid electricity.

The integrated all-in-one solar lights by HeiSolar are high-rated items for the distribution business. They account for a total sales of around 20,000 sets making it a renowned manufacturer in the lighting industry.


2. Shenzhen KYD Light Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen KYD Light Co., Ltd. is the top LED light manufacturer in China, dealing with all sorts of lighting products. Lighting solutions by KYD LED span across indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Shenzhen KYD Light

KYD LED is one of the best solar light manufacturers and suppliers in China. With 12 years in the lighting industry, Shenzhen KYD LED holds rich experience in solar garden lights manufacturing offering a diverse range of products.

KYD LED manufacturing factory has passed ISO 9001:2008 by implementing quality standards. The products thus offered are of top-notch quality and lead to promising results.

KYD LED offers all sorts of solar garden lights. These include solar flood lights, spotlights, wall wash lights, in-ground lights, pixel lights, and yard lights. Hence, you get a wide range of options to choose the most optimal garden lighting product.


3. Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.


Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a renowned brand of solar lighting products based in China. It was established in 1993 and has been offering its top-notch products for around 30 years.

                                                                                   Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.

The product offerings by Yuefeng solar spread globally including garden lights, flood lights, street lights, portable lights, and panel lights.

In the garden lighting niche, Yuefeng solar provides a wide range of products. These include:


The solar lighting solutions offered by Yuefeng Solar are not just economical but eco-friendly and decorative too. They tend to enhance the ambiance of your gardens and ensure security too.

solar garden lights supplier

solar garden lights supplier


The entire product range of Yuefeng Solar is compliant with quality standards. This lets you relish premium quality solar solutions for your garden lighting with high durability and sustenance.


4. Zhuhai Bomin Solar Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhuhai Bomin (BOMSOLAR) is one of the top manufacturers in the Chinese lighting industry. BOMSOLAR holds a significant experience of 15 years in solar light manufacturing and research and development.

 Zhuhai Bomin Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

BOMSOLAR offers a fine variety of solar lights for all sorts of garden illumination needs. Solar lighting solutions offered by BOMSOLAR are not just energy saving and secure but eco-friendly too.

The solar lights by BOMSOLAR serve a diverse range of purposes. They can be installed in home gardens, lawns, tourist spots, golf courses, and green landscapes.

BOMSOLAR can be your trusted choice to fulfill your garden lighting purposes. With advanced product features and durable quality, you can harness long-lasting results.


5. Inlux Solar


Inlux Solar is the world's leading outdoor solar lighting manufacturer and supplier based in China. Inlux Solar is offering quality solar lighting solutions for commercial and governmental projects globally.

Inlux Solar

Inlux Solar holds expertise in the manufacturing and development of Solar and LED lighting products. With its vertical production of components and compliance with quality standards, Inlux Solar offers competitive pricing with high-quality products.

Inlux solar can be the right choice for your garden lighting needs. With its diverse product catalog, you get to choose the most suitable products as per your requirements.

The product range offered by Inlux solar includes all-in-one solar lights, all-in-two solar lights, vertical solar lights, solar wall lights, and many more.

Inlux solar has a rich project experience spanning worldwide. Nearly 3,50,000 sets of inlux solar lighting products have been installed across 85 countries at around 1000 installation spots.


6. Ningbo Loyal Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Loyal Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading solar light manufacturer in China. It was established in 2013 and has been offering its solar solutions for around 10 years.

Ningbo Loyal Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Loyal Lighting Technology offers customized solutions for your solar garden light requirements as per your needs. The quality of products is ensured by advanced inspection of every product in the testing lab.

Ningbo Loyal Lighting Technology is a fine choice for your garden lighting solution. The company offers a wide range of solar light products to provide customer-oriented solutions.

With Ningbo Loyal, you can have post cap lights, solar path lights, or solar wall lights to brighten your gardens, They not only illuminate your gardens but ensure great ambiance to


7. Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 to provide scientific innovations and improve living with energy-saving technology and green energy.

Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Anern is a leading garden light manufacturer in China offering energy-efficient garden illumination solutions. Anern provides a diverse range of solar light products to cater to all sorts of customer requirements.

The various types of garden lights manufactured by Anern include motion sensor LED lights, round solar lights, all-in-one solar lights, solar flood lights, and ABS plastic LED solar flood lights.

Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is considered among the most trusted manufacturers of garden lights in China. It can be the right choice for you to illuminate your gardens and yards with Anern solar solutions.


8. Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting is professional solar lights manufacturing company based in China. It was established in 2008 and is involved in the provision of solar lighting solutions for around 15 years.

Jiangsu Sokoyo Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

Sokoyo holds its popularity as a leading manufacturer of solar street lights keeping a vision to illuminate every way home.

The solar solutions offered by Sokoyo encompass all sorts of domains including streets, driveways, gardens, parking lots, and walkways.

Jiangsu Sokoyo offers various garden lighting solutions including integrated lighting and all-in-two solar lighting.

The solar lighting products by Sokoyo, with their easy installation, save you loads of effort. The solar product operations let you cut your electricity bills without compromising the garden lighting experience.


9. Letect Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.


Letect Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the top manufacturers of garden lights based in China. The company was founded in 2002 and holds rich manufacturing experience of around 20 years.

  Letect Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

The products offered by Letect Electrical cover all sorts of domestic and industrial sectors. With its diverse product offerings, the company holds a strong foundation in the solar illumination niche.

The variety of solar lighting solutions lets you choose the optimal products for you. These include LED sensor wall lights, embedded lawn lamps, color-changing solar lights, and stainless steel garden lights.

Letect Electrical Technology, with its quality management system, aims at producing high-quality products. This lets you get quality solar products for your garden lighting with high durability.


10. Lead Opto Technology


The lead group with its two brands Lead Opto and LEDstar is one of the leading manufacturers of solar lights. The company is actively involved in providing all sorts of solar solutions for domestic and industrial purposes.

 Lead Opto Technology 

Lead Opto Technology is based in Shenzhen and Huizhou and was established in the year 2011. The company has been contributing to the solar and lighting industry with its top-notch manufacturing, research and development, and effective customer service.

Lead Opto is providing a wide range of garden lighting products to let you brighten your gardens and yards. With its quality standards and certified products, lead opto has been contributing to the solar industry.

The diverse product offerings of lead opto technology enable you to choose the right lighting solution for your garden illumination needs.




The garden lighting industry has immensely evolved with the growing inclination of people toward gardening. However, conventional lighting methods tend to be expensive specifically for outdoor lighting purposes. As a result, the Chinese garden lighting industry has shifted to solar. Consequently, the demand for solar garden lights has enhanced manifolds too.

This has led to the introduction of more manufacturers of solar lights in the Chinese lighting industry. Today, a massive number of solar light manufacturers are dominating the Chinese solar lighting industry.

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial to purchasing quality products for your garden lighting needs. This review of the top manufacturers of solar garden lights in China will let you choose quality garden lighting solutions from reputed manufacturers.

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