Top Solar Street Light Manufacturers In China

22 Nov 2022
Top Solar Street Light Manufacturers In China


Solar street lighting has been in existence for decades. It was used concurrently with electricity or for backup purposes until the 20th century when people began to explore it as an independent lighting source.

Recent studies show that the solar street light market is gaining ground in the lighting industry hence becoming a major preference to electricity because of their low maintenance and long-term affordability.

Additionally, China solar street light suppliers are continually evolving to help meet the demand for sustainable, affordable, and durable lighting solutions.


The Purpose Of Street Lighting

The primary function of streetlights is to increase the security of an area through outdoor lighting. Solar street lighting is applicable both for personal and commercial solar use purposes.

As a result of the evergrowing market demand for solar street lights, it is becoming increasingly difficult to settle on an authentic dealer in the solar street light industry.

Irrespective of the country of origin, some core features that help rank street light manufacturers in the solar industries include; product features, a company's experience in the industry, and the ability to meet customers' needs.


Why Buy Solar Streetlights from China

China is heavily invested in solar to help reduce its current carbon footprint. In fact, China is one of the leading investors in smart cities as compared to other Asia-Pacific countries.

This means that a lot of resources and high-end technology have been employed in China's solar energy sector to offset the overreliance on electricity as the main energy source.


Top 15 Leading Solar Street Lights Manufacturers in China In 2022


  • 1. Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.
  • 2. Guangdong Guangyun Lighting Company Ltd.
  • 3. Quzhou Shine Electronics Co Ltd.
  • 4. Guangzhou Yi Can Lighting Company Ltd.
  • 5. Hangzhou Ruicheng Medical Device Tech. Ltd.
  • 6. Zhongshan Artilighting Lamp Company Ltd.
  • 7. Nanjing Ksunsolar Technology Company Ltd.
  • 8. Jiangsu Smile Optoelectronic Group Co Ltd
  • 9. Yangzhou Lecuso New Energy Co, Ltd
  • 10. Shenzhen Ukisolar Technology Co Ltd
  • 11. Jiangsu Ats Construction Group Company Ltd
  • 12. Xinghui Lighting Engineering Group Company Ltd
  • 13. Ningbo Add-lux Co., Ltd.
  • 14. Yangzhou HePu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
  • 15. Inlux Solar


This article will also address some of the common questions asked by potential buyers of solar streetlights, as discussed below.


What Are Solar Streetlights?

These are lights mounted on poles at intervals to illuminate a given area (street). They are also called solar street lamps, which are powered by sunlight energy hence the name solar.


Components Of A Solar Street Light

A complete solar LED street light package is composed of a solar panel, rechargeable batteries, a controller, a solar pole, and an LED street light.


all in one led solar street light

All In One LED Solar Street Light


Types of Solar Streetlights

Solar streetlights can be grouped into two broad categories, that is, All-in-one streetlights and Separated components type of streetlights.


Integrated/All In One Solar Street Light

As discussed earlier in this article, an all-in-one solar street light has all its components housed in the street light casing, as shown below.


all in one solar street light

All In One Solar Street Light


Separated Type Of Solar Streetlight

Opposite of the all-in-one, this type of street light has its components independently housed and wired to each other, as shown below.


Separated Solar Street Light

Separated Solar Street Light


How Do Solar Streetlights Work?

Solar streetlights work through the photovoltaic effect, where the photovoltaic cells convert sunlight energy into electricity. The electric energy is then stored in solar batteries for lighting purposes.


Advantages Of Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar powered street lights are increasing in demand within the energy sector because of the following advantages:

* They rely on a renewable source of energy

* Cheaper compared to electricity

* Low maintenance and operational cost once installed

* Independent from the electric power grid

* Affordable and accessible even to rural areas of a country


How To Choose The Best Solar Street Lights


Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In China

Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In China

Budgeting plays a big role in choosing a preferred solar street light. The less money used, the more likely it is for one to compromise on a number of key features for the street light.

However, some solar street lights manufacturers in China, such as Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd, ensure that their customers are guaranteed cost-effective LED solar street lights with great specs.

Other factors to consider while selecting an excellent solar street light includes:


Warranty Period

The warranty period guarantees the buyer a change of product by the manufacturer should abnormalities that are not user-triggered arise.

A longer warranty period also shows an indirect indication that the manufacturer is trustworthy and trusts in their product's ability to withstand different anticipated triggers.


Product Reviews

Reviews are important to both the customer and the manufacturer. Most customers' purchases are influenced by reviews left by other buyers of the product.

A higher number of positive reviews or comments tells a lot about the product and vice versa.



Simply put, the ability to set up, dismantle or conduct minor repairs on the product without needing a professional.

Some manufacturers shoulder the delivery and sometimes installation costs of the street lights. However, most purchases are accompanied by a detailed user manual should the buyer decide to self-install the lights.


Light Source

This could either be LED lamps or fluorescent lights. A comparison of the two has proven that LED lamps are the most preferred because of their long lifespan, energy saving, weather resistance, etc.


Power (Watt)

Higher watt translates into brighter lights and, consequently, more energy consumption. When higher energy is consumed for lighting, batteries are likely to discharge at a faster rate.

Consider this article on How long a solar battery should last for effective selection criteria.


Lamp Body Material

Two common types of materials are used on a solar lamp body: aluminum alloy or plastic.

Aluminum alloy has proven reliable because of its highly resistant nature to corrosion. Plastic, on the other end, is easily worn out after continuous exposure to the sun.


Projection Distance

As suggested in the name, this is how far a single solar street light source can illuminate. A good street light should be able to cover a wider geographic area hence minimizing the need to have a lot of street lights for a small coverage.


Manual Or Smart Operated Lights?

Most solar streetlights can now be controlled remotely, thanks to technology. Smart solar streetlights provide the comfort of remote operation. Switching on and off the lights will not require physical movement to the area of operation.

Manually operated Lights on the other end may prove tedious, especially on bad weather days.


Solar Street Lamp With Rader Sensor

Solar Street Lamp With Rader Sensor



Manufacturer's Reputation

Does the manufacturer offer after-sale service? What is their response rate to concerns/queries?

It is also important to consider how long a manufacturer has been in the business. A reputable solar street light manufacturer should have been in operation for a minimum of 3 years.

Being in the business for a longer duration means that the manufacturer understands the evolving needs of their client base and continually improves their product based on that.


Top 15 Solar Street Light Manufacturers in China

This list has been compiled based on customer reviews, best-selling products, and the manufacturer's years of experience in the industry.


Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd


best solar street light manufacturer in china

Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In China



Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting Electrical Co., Ltd. is a global brand of solar lighting, serving more than 60 countries at the moment.

The company has been in operation for the past 28 years.

Products include high-tech solar intelligent lighting and hardware solar street light, solar flood light, solar garden light, solar portable light, and LED lighting systems.

It works together with customers to develop OEM and ODM lighting components. The company has self-developed 200 products at the moment.


Guangdong Guangyun Lighting Company Ltd.

The company is located in Guangdong Province and has been in operation for the last 9 years.

It deals in the manufacture and sale of LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED solar flood lights, and LED solar street lights.


Quzhou Shine Electronics Co Ltd

Quzhou Shine Electronics Co Ltd has 10+ years of experience in the solar industry. The manufacturer serves 50 countries with a wide range of solar products, including solar lamps.


Guangzhou Yi Can Lighting Company

The company was established in 2012 and deals in LED solar lights, LED downlights & LED tube lights, among other solar products.

They also offer OEM/ODM services and a 3-5 years warranty period for their products.


Zhongshan Artilighting Lamp Company Ltd

It is located in Zhongshan city, China. The company's products include LED T5/T8 lights, downlights, ceiling lights, spotlights, track lights, LED ribbon lighting, LED drive, and electronic transformer, among others.


Yangzhou Tianxiang road lamp Equipment Co Ltd

It is located in Jiangsu Province and has been in operation for the past 14 years.

Their area of expertise is street lamp manufacturing, serving a large number of South East Asia and African countries.


Nanjing Ksunsolar Technology Company Ltd

Located in Nanjing City, Nanjing Ksunsolar Technology Co Ltd has 10+ years of experience in the manufacture of Integrated Solar Street Light and LED Solar Light series products.


Jiangsu Smile Optoelectronic Group Company Ltd

Its headquarters is located in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. The company's product focus has been solar street lamps and solar energy for the past 14 years.


Yangzhou Lecuso New Energy Co, Ltd

Yangzhou Lecuso New Energy Co, Ltd was established in 2005 and supported OEM and ODM services.

It is a certified manufacturer and exporter of solar street lights, LED street lights, street light poles, solar panels, and solar systems. It has developed a series of products relating to solar power and led lighting.


Shenzhen Ukisolar Technology Co Ltd

As of 2022, the company has 8 years of experience specializing in; all-in-one solar street lights, separated solar street lights, solar wall&garden lights, and solar systems for homes.


Jiangsu Ats Construction Group Company Ltd

The company specializes in smart street lights, grapheme lamps, solar street lights, and LED light sources, among other products.

Jiangsu Ats Construction Group Co., Ltd currently supplies its products to more than 50 countries.


Xinghui Lighting Engineering Group Company Ltd

The company was founded in 1999 and specializes in Solar street lights, smart street lights, and LED lamp series, among other products.


Ningbo Add-lux Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Add-lux Co., Ltd has been in operation for the past 18 years and specializes in energy-saving lamps and LED lighting products.


Yangzhou HePu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

The company was established in 19990 and is located in Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province.

It manufactures, produces, and sells lamps and street light poles, solar street lights, and LED street lights. It also deals in integrated/all in one solar street lights, flood lights, wind turbine hybrid solar street lights, and garden lamps.


Inlux Solar

Inlux solar has been in operation since 2009. Its main products include; all-in-one solar streetlights, all-in-two streetlights, and other LED light products.


Looking For An Outstanding Solar Street Light Manufacturer?

Having looked at quite a number of top street light manufacturers in China, Zhongshan Yuefeng Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd proves to have an understanding of the street light industry with over 28+ years of experience in the sector.

As a solar street light manufacturer, they have 30 years of OEM and ODM expertise, meaning that they are able to work with a client to achieve a customized design for any solar-related product.

Their prices are also competitive, giving customers value for money.


Solar Led Lights Manufacturer

Leading Solar LED Lights Manufacturer in China


This article has not only listed some of the best solar street lights manufacturers in China but also given the criteria under which they were ranked.

A comparison of the best solar street lights in the market shows that quite a number of them are LED street lights, made of aluminum material, have longer warranty periods, are all-in-one street lights, and operate with lithium batteries. These features, therefore, set the base for the selection of a manufacturer or their products.

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